K-Town Triathlon
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Sunday August 1st, 2010
race directors: joe putos and mike broekhoven

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Registration Policies

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Early Registration

The Kingston Triathlon greatly encourages early registration. Registrations received at least three weeks before race date help us budget and plan for T Shirts, food, porta-toilets, bike racks etc. All these things must be ordered weeks in advance of race date.

To encourage early registration, we implement the following policies:

  • Registrations received on or after the Saturday 8 days prior to the race are considered late. Late entries are charged a $10 late fee and are not guaranteed a race kit or TShirt.

  • Your spot in transition is assigned on the basis of registration date. Those registering earlier will get a better spot in transition. Better spots are those nearest the bike and run exits. Late registrants will find their transition spots down towards the food tent, away from the exits.

Refund Policy

Cancellations requests should be forwarded to [email protected] ASAP. Refunds will be considered for medical/injury reasons or special circumstances, but are not guaranteed.Refunds will be limited to 50% of the race fee, and will generally be issued after the event.

No refunds are given within 7 days of race date. We do not defer race entries to the next year.

Even if you do not wish a refund, please let us know if you cannot attend the event. It makes life easier for our medical and safety staff by giving us a more accurate picture of who is participating.

Race entries are not transferrable from person to person. No Exceptions ! You cannot cancel by selling your spot to another competitor.